WordCamp St. Louis May 18, 2017 Review

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This my fourth consecutive year attending WordCamp St. Louis and the conference continues to keep things fresh. Prior to attending the conference, I subscribed to email updates on stlouis.wordcamp.org. It was nice to get updates and learn about each speaker. Last year I attended WordCamp St. Louis 2016 and it was a 2-day conference with a keynote in the middle of the day. This year we kicked off the day with the keynote and we were off with a bang.

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The keynote speaker was Jarrett Gucci who was great and I am not just saying that because he is from my home town of Buffalo, NY. Jarrett’s keynote was called WordPress, not just software but LIFEWARE and he called it that because he never planned on having a career in WordPress it found him. He had a lot of interesting charts like this.

After the keynote there was a 30-minute break which was nice to grab coffee and a snack and catch up with folks in the community. During the break I visited a vendor called BoldGrid who really impressed me especially after installing their software.

After break it was off to Implementation Strategy for the HTTPS Movement by Julia Eudy. This was all about SSL certs and how it can impact your SEO. Great stuff.

For the next session  had us all chanting…

On the way back from lunch I spotted the WordPress mascot Wapuu for the first time at a WordCamp STL. One lucky person got to take him home courtesy of IQ Computing.

After Making Plugin Development Easy I stayed on the plugin tract and attended Building a Developer Friendly WordPress Plugin by Mike Hale who had the honor of the best meme I witnessed this day.

My last session was called How to Battle Google Page Speed Insights and Win from Jason Yingling and I am really glad I stuck around to check out his presentation. In less than 30 minute he was able to get a website that had a poor page load times (60/100) on PageSpeed Insights up to a 97/100.  Whoo-hoo! Jason did this using a combination of plugins and coding. I think he blew a lot of minds including mine.

Hats off to all of the local and national WordPress folks that made WordCamp 2017 a great success. I think one of the reasons this conference is so special is that everyone is from different backgrounds.

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